Benefits of Maple Syrup



All the world's maple syrup is produced in North America. Its main production area is Canada's Quebec, where production accounts for 85% of global supply. In the United States, maple syrup is produced in New England and New York. Maple syrup is the maple (the main species of Acer sugarcane) juice obtained by evaporation of most of the water lost after evaporation. Production of 1 gallon of maple syrup requires about 40 gallons of maple juice. Maple juice is 2.5% sugar, and maple syrup is 66% sugar.

The production of the lightest candy is at the beginning of the season. With the advance of the season, the color of maple syrup darkened and the taste became more intense. The most popular grade of syrup is US Grade A Dark Amber (Canada No. 1 Medium). While Grade B's maple syrup has a more intense flavor, usually only for cooking or food processing.